2020 Global Marathon

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Believe, Do, Succeed: Despite the Odds

March 11 to April 8

Wednesdays at 12:00 PM ET USA


Why Women Persist in Engineering


Based on a recent research review titled Despite the Odds: Young Women Who Persist in Engineering, the 2020 Global Marathon focuses on building and supporting the factors that help women persevere in engineering. 

5 weekly sessions during the 2020 Global Marathon (March 11 - April 8) will feature inspiring women from around the world who will share their stories of finding their purpose, discuss how and why they stay in engineering, and empower participants to persist in their own careers and build staying power for women in STEM.

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Session Descriptions:

March 11: Why Stay? 

Speakers will share their stories of purpose and perseverance, discussing why and how they continue to defy expectations, overcome challenges, and persist in engineering despite the odds. Confirmed Speakers: Montana Wilson (MTE), Selda Gunsel (Shell)


March 18: Believe, Do, Succeed.

Speakers will discuss tips and strategies for building career confidence, responding to criticism and skepticism with resilience and conviction, and honing and asserting a strong belief in your ideas, skills, and contributions. Confirmed Speakers: Canan Dagdeviren (MIT Media Lab), Megan Eddings (Accel Lifestyle)


March 25: Breaking The Rules.

Some rules need to be broken. Speakers will share how and why they’re breaking old rules and building new dynamics to spark cutting-edge thinking and shape a more inclusive and welcoming profession where everyone can succeed and thrive. Confirmed Speakers: Pavlina Akritas (Arup), Vanessa Raponi (Spin Master and Founder of EngiQueers Canada)


April 1: From Obstacles To Inspiration. 

Facing challenges and obstacles is part of any journey. Developing the ability to transform barriers into motivators can help individuals succeed AND pave the way for those who will come after them. Speakers will discuss how they’ve succeeded through struggles and found strength in unlikely places. Confirmed Speakers: Andronica Klaas (Bank of America), Mahfuza Ali (3M)


April 8: Better Together. 

Belonging is fundamental to our sense of fulfilment and well-being. Speakers will discuss how and where they’ve built support networks and developed a sense of community and feelings of belonging—and how we can work together to shape a more supportive, welcoming, and equitable engineering profession. Confirmed Speakers: Jennifer Scanlon (UL), Telle Whitney (AnitaB.org)

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5 great reasons to attend!

  • Hear uplifting stories of women worldwide persevering in engineering.
  • Gain actionable advice to help you find your unique purpose and persist in your career.
  • Engage with inspiring and knowledge women around the world. 
  • Learn efficiently in short, weekly sessions.
  • Gain valuable professional development at no cost. Participate from your computer or handheld device.

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