2020 Global Marathon

Believe and Do, Despite the Odds

Focusing on the factors that help women persist in their careers, 2020 Global Marathon speakers will explore topics and questions such as: 

  • Why do you stay? Why and how do you persevere in your career?
  • How do you believe in yourself in response to criticism or skepticism?
  • How are you breaking the "rules" to succeed or help others succeed?
  • How have you transformed obstacles into inspiration?
  • Where have you found support and developed a sense of belonging?


Celebrate the Engineering Community

DiscoverE is turning 30!

The 2020 Global Marathon will celebrate DiscoverE's 30 years of building engineering community with sessions that:

  • showcase uplifting stories of passion & perseverance
  • offer actionable career advice
  • engage a global network to help shape an inclusive & welcoming profession