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Dr. Marvi Matos

For me, the Global Marathon is a chance to increase my network and learn tips to manage my career from amazing women around the world. It is also a great reminder of the role women need to play in recruiting the next generation of engineers. I grew up in a small rural town in Puerto Rico. My mother, a chemist and medical technologist, was my first role model and the inspiration that led me to start my career in STEM. She taught me that no challenge is too big for the perseverance of an optimist. Throughout my career, I have never lost sight of the essential need to give back to the community and encourage students to pursue careers in STEM. For this reason, I spend time speaking about engineering to students in Puerto Rico, writing blogs to inspire girls to pursue careers in STEM, serving on scholarship and university boards and acting as mentor to many students and engineers.

Please join me March 8-9, 2017 for the Global Marathon. Register for the 2017 Global Marathon today.

Dr. Matos is one of the Thought Leaders for DiscoverE’s Global Marathon, a virtual global conference for women in engineering &technology careers. Dr. Matos photo courtesy of elnuevodia.com. 



August 1st, 2016