Global Marathon Chair Renee Perry on Why You Should Register for the Marathon

Renee joined the Global Marathon two years ago, as a thought leader and at the time didn’t know what the event was. “I was intrigued by the concept of a free virtual marathon specifically for women in engineering and thought the event could play an important part in my company, Fluor’s mission.”

Now the chair of the Global Marathon, Renee knows that this conference is a powerful tool for women. “The presentations and resulting discussions surrounding issues we face every day in STEM fields, provide comradery and inspiration. The marathon showcases accomplished women in the industry and provides guidance and support by featuring presentations on subjects such as career advice and lessons learned.”

Renee is most excited for the Cirque du Soleil keynote session because it will allow people to have a new perspective about a career in engineering. “I believe the Cirque du Soleil and Dream Big sessions will inspire and energize more people to choose careers in engineering and technology, and maybe even make people think how they can take their careers in a direction that they never considered.”

To register for the Global Marathon on March 8-9, 2017 click here.

Renee Perry, Senior Director at Fluor Corporation, 2017 Global Marathon Chair

March 2nd, 2017