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2020 Global Marathon

Believe, Do, Succeed: Despite the Odds 

The 2020 Global Marathon is all about building staying power for women in engineering and technology.

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2019 Global Marathon On-Demand

Watch the full 2019 Global Marathon playlist on YouTube.


Session 1: Strategies to Fill Your Confidence Gap

A lack of confidence can keep you from achieving the career you want. Learn how to gain confidence on the inside while projecting confidence on the outside. Our speakers have studied, written about, and helped unlock confidence for themselves and others and want you to learn effective strategies.

Speakers: Patty Mamola (Nevada State Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors), Leslie Shoemaker (Technological University Dublin), Karen Purcell (PK Electrical, Inc.), Nita Patel (IEEE), Roseanne O'Leary (Engineers Ireland)


Session 2: Why & How to Build Your Authentic Brand

When colleagues hear your name, what do they think? Is your reputation – or brand – accurate and the one you want? Join a world-renowned personal brand strategist, Nobel Prize winner, and early career software manager to not only understand how your brand can influence your career, but for practical tips to build your true-to-you authentic brand for success.

Speakers: Doris Gonzalez (IBM), ShuDon Brown (IBM), Rochelle Diamond (NOGLSTP), Dr. Frances Arnold (California Institute of Technology), Dorie Clark (Duke University)


Session 3: Are You Networked for Success?

Building a community of productive relationships – your network – helps you gain confidence and trust, ensures you get credit and backing for your ideas, and may open access to higher level executives. In this session you’ll learn ways to build a network or improve one you already have.

Speakers: Anna Matuszewska (UL), Denise Pothier (Stantec Consulting), Romelia Flores (IBM), Raquel Tamez (SHPE)


Session 4: Work. Life. Balance?

You are more than your work. You have personal, family, and social or leisure interests and demands. And then there is sleep! Balance is a misnomer and your priorities change through time. So how do you blend them? How can you set expectations for you and those around you so you stay productive, happy and healthy?

Speakers: Mimi Irvin (Fluor), Matilda Nyholm (IBM), Sara Macsorley (Super Cool Scientists), Lisa Drinnan (KBR)


Session 5: Building Relationships Across Borders

Conferences in London. Meetings in Santiago. Phone calls with New Delhi. Successful careers require awareness and appreciation of cultural differences. Your ‘Cultural IQ’ can affect your ability to build strong, effective teams. Join our presenters, whose careers have taken them to various continents and who collaborate with colleagues around the globe, to learn how to build relationships across borders.

Speakers: Mallory Langford (P.E.), Claire Rutkowski (Bentley Systems), Lucy Martin (Bechtel)