Host a Global Marathon Watch Event

The Global Marathon

It's About Community!

The number one reason people attend the Global Marathon is to be part of—and support—the global community of women in engineering and technology.

What is a Global Marathon Watch Event?

The Global Marathon is a wonderful opportunity to bring together colleagues, peers, and friends to network, discuss, and learn from the ideas and information presented each week.

Benefits of a Watch Event

  • Share a unique experience with others who care about the future of women in engineering and technology.

  • Stimulate fascinating group discussions.

  • Network with your colleagues.

  • Bring together multi-generational and multi-disciplinary colleagues from across your organization.

Suggested Steps to Plan a Watch Event

1. Stay tuned for the Global Marathon schedule (to be posted by early 2018).

2. Register for the Global Marathon. Registration is required to access the sessions.

Encourage your guests to register as well. Each registrant receives access to all Global Marathon sessions on-demand, links to helpful DiscoverE resources, and the ability to connect with other attendees. 

3. Decide if you’ll host a watch event each week to cover all six sessions— or a select group of sessions.

4, Find a location large enough for your group (ex: conference room in a local library or business) that has wi-fi, a projector, speakers, and a projection screen. Reserve as far in advance as possible.

5. Invite others to attend. Request that they RSVP at least a few days ahead of the event so that you know the number of people expected.

6. Plan food and/or drinks. It can be as simple as coffee, tea, water. You can also consider light snacks, lunch, or dessert.

7. Coordinate with an IT expert ahead of time to be sure that: the technology works and there are no firewall issues* and you can project the Global Marathon on a screen. *Double-check the day of the event.

8. Recruit someone to facilitate the watch event so that the conversation will be as stimulating as possible. Click here for help with conversation starters.

9. At the event: take a head count so that you can report it on the post-Global Marathon survey. Take photos and share your experience with others. #GlobalMarathon.

10. Thank your guests and announce any plans for your upcoming watch event(s).

Share your plans or ask for advice

Email to let us know that you are planning a watch event or to ask for advice about how to hold one.

Thank you for sharing the Global Marathon with others.