The Creative Engineer: Right Brain Meets Left Brain


According to conventional wisdom, people tend to have a personality, thinking style, or way of doing things that relies on the either right or left parts of the brain.  The right houses creativity and intuition.  The left is analytical and logical.

But what about people who successfully integrate both sides of their brains?

On March 21 at 12pm ET/USA, you can join three renowned engineer/artists who will share insights into how they access their engineering backgrounds to amplify their art. Register here for this free session.

In the virtual conversation “The Creative Engineer: Right Brain Meets Left Brain,” you will meet music director and symphony conductor Dr. Dominique Røyem, fashionista Mimi Irvin, and world-renowned jazz musician Stanley Jordan.

Dr. Røyem will discuss how electronic technology intersects with our understanding of culture and music.  “Creating art is the act of arranging things into a meaningful pattern, and it has always been an act of problem-solving,” she says. “Every artist must create the most meaningful experience they can out of the methods and resources at hand. Engineers do the same thing - they create the most meaningful thing they can with the tools that are in front of them.”

Panelist, fashionista and “artistic engineer” Mimi Irvin says the fashion industry “has adapted 3D printing which has changed the face of weaving textiles and creating unique shapes. Additionally, tools like 3D body scanning have begun to improve the plus-size-fit market. Connecting fashion design with this technology is helping inclusivity as a whole."

Award-winning jazz musician Stanley Jordan discusses how synthesizing the left and right brain leads to groundbreaking creative innovations. “Music stimulates the entire brain,” states Stanley. “It connects both sides as it is mathematical and structural based on the relationships from one note to another. In fact, music has the ability to provide a full brain workout - improving higher brain functions and making you smarter.”

“The Creative Engineer” is one in a free series of online conversations, part of the Global Marathon For, By and About Women in Engineering & Technology.  Each Wednesday through April 4, at 12 p.m. ET/USA, the Global Marathon provides a unique forum for accomplished panelists from around the globe to address relevant topics affecting women in their professional careers. Register today and join us to learn, network, and explore!

Not in the US? This session will be rebroadcast with live Q&A on Thursday, March 29 at 12:00 pm BST/UK and 12:00 pm IST/India. 

March 16th, 2018