McNeill Street Pumping Station

The engineers who built the McNeill Street Pumping Station in 1887 would be proud to know it was named a National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark in 1999 for providing 106 years of water treatment. Shreveport's municipal water system was only the second such system in Louisiana. Water filtration was begun at McNeill in 1890, when less than 10% of the U.S. waterworks provided filtered water. Additional filter tanks constructed in 1904 were of reinforced concrete, just two years after this innovation was first applied at a New Jersey plant. In 1914, McNeill acquired one the nation’s first liquid chlorinating machines for disinfecting water.

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Activity Type:Trips and Destinations
Discipline:Industrial & Manufacturing, Mechanical
Grade:K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12
Time:Full day

Fun Fact:In the U.S., the average residential daily water supply demand is 100 gallons per person, although it can go as high as 500 gallons per person.
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