Awards and Recognition

Please note: we are not accepting New Faces applications for 2018. 

Meet the Honorees!

New Faces Award

The Boeing Company

Emily, 27, crawls around the inside of airplane wings looking for ways to improve how they are...

New Faces Award

U.S. Air Force

Thomas, 29, primary job is to design and construct buildings, roads, and airfields for the Air...

New Faces Award

Iowa State University

Brett, 27, is constantly motivated by the challenge of feeding the world’s ever-growing population...

New Faces Award

Cooper Standard

Antoine, 27, develops new formulas for rubber based systems and components for the automotive...

New Faces Award

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Nicole, 27, is an Industrial Engineer who uses forecasting and statistical tools to solve inventory...

New Faces Award

Nishkian Dean

Chad, 30, uses his engineering skills to improve the living conditions and disaster resilience in...

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