Are you a Role Model?

Powerful messages to share when talking to girls about engineering.

Studies from Engineer Your Life and Changing the Conversation have found that girls:

  • Don’t know what engineering is;
  • Think engineers must be exceptional at both math and science; and,
  • Believe engineering is difficult and challenging.

These same projects also found that when we change how we talk about engineering, we can change what they think about engineering.

Whether you are a parent, teacher, counselor, or volunteer here are five things to share about engineers and their work.

Curiosity—Engineers ask lots of questions that start with: Why? How? What if? 

  • Watch Sara Bolha, Mechanical Engineer at TE Connectivity, share how engineers use their curiosity to imagine what the future will be.

Creativity—Engineering is a great outlet for the imagination—the perfect field for independent thinkers.

  • Watch Daniella H. Muise, Materials Engineer at ExxonMobil, share how exciting it is to be an engineer and create something new.

Teamwork—Engineering takes teamwork, and engineers work with all kinds of people inside and outside the field. Whether they’re designers or architects, doctors or entrepreneurs, engineers are surrounded by smart, inspiring people.

  • Watch Christy Predaina, Manager of Programs at Northrop Grumman Information Systems, share how engineers use teamwork to create amazing things they never thought possible.

Opportunities—An engineering degree offers lots of freedom in finding a person’s dream job. It can be a launching pad for jobs in business, design, medicine, law, and government. To employers or graduate schools, an engineering degree reflects a well-educated individual who has been taught ways of analyzing and solving problems that can lead to success in all kinds of fields.

  • Watch Janet Chang, Senior Control Systems Engineer at Bechtel, share how being an engineer gives you the power to do anything that's important to you.

Helping Others—Imagine what life would be like without pollution controls to preserve the environment, life-saving medical equipment, or low-cost building materials for fighting global poverty. All this takes engineering. In very real and concrete ways, engineers save lives, prevent disease, reduce poverty, and protect our planet.

  • Watch Hahna Kane Latonick, Senior Cyber Engineer at Raytheon, share how engineers make a difference by creating things that matter. 

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