Brain-Based Productivity Hacks

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April 25th, 2018
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IEEE #WIEWednesday Virtual Track, brought to you by Ericsson

Brain-Based Productivity Hacks - Using Brain Science to Successfully Navigate Distracted, Over-Connected, Dynamic Tech Environments

Description: Year after year Gallup takes the pulse on workforce attitudes worldwide. And year after year, results indicate that on average, only 30% of employees are fully engaged! Certainly, a dynamic weave of external and internal factors impact our ability to be highly productive and immersed in our work. But where can the individual influence control? By understanding the science of the brain, all employees (from individual contributor to executive) can influence control by mitigating weaknesses and positioning themselves for greater stamina, agility, success, and engagement within fluid workplace scenarios.

Register to watch the live event on Wednesday, April 25 @ 1:00 pm EDT/USA (GMT-4)

Featured Guest Speaker:

- Linda Stacy | CEO & Founder, LivingBluPrints and The H.O.W. Advantage™