Surfing the Wave of Disrupting Technology

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April 18th, 2018
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IEEE #WIEWednesday Virtual Track, brought to you by Ericsson

Surfing the Wave of Disrupting Technology

Register to watch the live event on Wednesday, April 18 @ 1:00 pm EDT/USA (GMT-4)

As the cycle of disruptive technology introduction has become shorter, this requires continuous changes and adaptation of our way of working from development over deployment to operations. Join Ericsson as we lead a discussion on how to drive changes and stay on top of the game with the continuous technology disruption.

Featured Guest Speakers:

- Caroline Stern | VP, Head of Consulting & Learning Services and Head of Digital Services, Strategy & Planning, Ericsson
- Demetra Pittas | Head of New Software Introduction, OSS Service Management, BA Digital Services, Ericsson
- Leona Young | Director of Operations, Regional Carriers, Ericsson
- Scholastica Lau | Senior Systems Engineer, 4G/5G Solutions, BA Networks, Ericsson
- Sandra Cutrona, PMP, BRMP | Head of IT Delivery Market Area North America, Ericsson [Moderator]