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Help us create an engineering brand by using the DiscoverE logo series at your events, on your materials, or whenever you are celebrating engineering or working with students.



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Browse our library for copyright free images, videos, artwork, slideshares (aka powerpoints), and logos you can use in your outreach efforts.

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Todd Matia started his teaching career as a high school math teacher. He started out by adding a few engineering projects to...
Video Resources
Setting up afterschool engineering club where students can pursue projects that interest them is a great way to create a fun...
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Encourage others to take the 2017 Global Day pledge by including the 2017 Global Day ad in your promotional plans.
Video Resources
Learn how to amplify your Engineers Week outreach efforts with Dream Big, a new giant screen film focused soley on...
Video Resources
Female leaders from Motorola Solutions give advice on leadership and advancement by sharing their personal experiences.
Volunteer Kits
Order your Engineers Week Volunteer kit from our shop. Display the colorful poster and use the hands-on activities to...