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Launch It!

Design and build an air-powered rocket that can hit a target at least 5 feet away. 

Make a Mechanical Hand

Students create a mechanical hand that mimics the bending and straightening of their own fingers and thumb.

Strongest Shapes

Students experiment with different shapes as they build a bridge out of index cards that will support a small object.

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Grade 3 Lesson: Maglev Train

Students use magnets to magnetically levitate a train over tracks.

Grade 2 Lesson: Surviving Storm Surge

Students build a paper house and flood it with water to see if the house they made can withstand the rising tide.

Grade K Lesson: Reach for the Skies

Students investigate shapes and material properties to build the highest structure they can.

Grade 1 Lesson: Daylight in a Bottle

Design a way to make an energy efficient light source.

Make Your Own Glue (Challenge Video)

Whip up a batch of glue and test it out.

Critical Load (Challenge Video)

Build a house of cards and see how much weight it can bear before it collapses.

Strongest Shapes (Challenge Video)

Using index cards and only one shape in your design, build a bridge that can support a toy car.

Make Your Own Glue (Student Instruction)

Whip up a batch of glue and test it out.

Make Your Own Glue

Whip up a batch of glue and test it out.

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