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Launch It!

Design and build an air-powered rocket that can hit a target at least 5 feet away. 

Make a Mechanical Hand

Students create a mechanical hand that mimics the bending and straightening of their own fingers and thumb.

Strongest Shapes

Students experiment with different shapes as they build a bridge out of index cards that will support a small object.

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Repurpose Your Trash (Challenge Video)

Design a prototype using materials from your household garbage or recycling.

Repurpose Your Trash (Student Instruction)

Design a prototype using materials from your household garbage or recycling.

AI: Assessing the Risks and Rewards

Is AI always the answer? Do the research and then pitch your opinion.

Waste-Free Future Project Challenge

Redesign the life cycle of a material or product so that nothing is wasted, no pollution is generated, and natural systems are protected or regenerated.

Design an Air Filter

Design an air filter that catches tiny particles (particulate matter) as they are blown through it.

Chemistry Lesson: Making an Impact on Habitat

Students are tasked with creating a way to neutralize the acidic byproduct of a new factory.

Grade 8 Lesson: Water Purification Device

Students design a portable water purification device that creates clean, drinkable water.

Grade 6 Lesson: Desert Island Desalination

Students are challenged to create a source of freshwater using only the resources available to them.

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