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Launch It!

Design and build an air-powered rocket that can hit a target at least 5 feet away. 

Make a Mechanical Hand

Students create a mechanical hand that mimics the bending and straightening of their own fingers and thumb.

Strongest Shapes

Students experiment with different shapes as they build a bridge out of index cards that will support a small object.

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Learn math while competing.


Join the Cyberchase gang and learn engineering!

Grand Challenges for Engineering

This site includes a series of challenges to help your students learn how engineers can make a world of difference.

Boeing Centennial

Video profiles, interactive learning modules, family and teacher guides, and online engineering design challenges.

Design Squad Global

This site has a lot of interesting information, games, and projects related to engineering design.

Find project ideas in all areas of science and engineering!

UL Xplorlabs

Solve real problems through science and engineering and become part of the movement to make the world a safer place.

Into the Unknown

Learn about the James Webb Space Telescope with WEBBVR and other resources.

Shell Career Quiz

Answer a few short questions and begin your exploration of exciting careers in the energy industry.

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