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In Classroom: Harmless Holder

Students learn product and process design as they create a beverage can holder that won’t harm wildlife or pollute but that is sturdy and easy to carry.

In Classroom: Wetlands - Nature’s Water Filter

This simulation illustrates the power of plants to absorb dissolved chemicals from water.

In Classroom: Build a Big Wheel

In teams, students design a ferris wheel made out of pasta, build it, and test it to make sure the wheel turns.

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Water Pollution Cleanup

Design a process to treat water contaminated with acid and oil.

Strongest Shapes

Using index cards and only one shape in your design, build a bridge that can support a toy car.

Paper Tower

What's the tallest tower you can build with just 2 sheets of newspaper?

Hoop Glider

Can you craft a glider out of a straw and paper that will fly?

Helping Hand

Design a device that can grab something that's hard to reach.

Tunnel Meetup

Find the entrance of a tunnel without being able to see it.

Squishy Circuits

Create a play dough creature with eyes that light up.

Rocket Challenge

Make an Alka-Seltzer rocket and launch it to hit a target.

Puff Mobiles

Design and build a car that moves by wind power.

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