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Launch It!

Design and build an air-powered rocket that can hit a target at least 5 feet away. 

Make a Mechanical Hand

Students create a mechanical hand that mimics the bending and straightening of their own fingers and thumb.

Strongest Shapes

Students experiment with different shapes as they build a bridge out of index cards that will support a small object.

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Build an Earthquake-Resistant Structure

How will a structure made of marshmallows and toothpicks withstand an earthquake?

Build a Watershed

Build a 3-D model of a watershed and experiment to see how human and natural activities can affect it.

Build a Straw Bridge

How can you design a bridge out of straws that holds a lot of pennies?

Build a Spinning Top

Make a top and see how long you can make it spin.

Build a Roller Coaster

Make a roller coaster for a marble that has a loop, hill, and jump.

Build a Pinball Game

Build a pinball game with a launcher and interesting obstacles.

Build a High Dive

Build a diving board that hangs as far off a table as possible.

Bobsled Racers

Build a miniature bobsled that can win a race down a slope.

Build a Better Bubble Blower

Design, build, and test a bubble blower.

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