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In Classroom: Harmless Holder

Students learn product and process design as they create a beverage can holder that won’t harm wildlife or pollute but that is sturdy and easy to carry.

In Classroom: Wetlands - Nature’s Water Filter

This simulation illustrates the power of plants to absorb dissolved chemicals from water.

In Classroom: Build a Big Wheel

In teams, students design a ferris wheel made out of pasta, build it, and test it to make sure the wheel turns.

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Physics Lesson: LED Holiday Card

Students design a card that illuminates at least two LED lights by converting chemical energy in batteries to radiant energy.

Grade 4 Lesson: Wind-powered LED

Students will test blade designs on a windmill and see if it can light an LED light bulb.

Grade 1 Lesson: Daylight in a Bottle

Design a way to make an energy efficient light source.

The Power of Graphene

Conduct an electricity experiment using a newly discovered wonder material hiding in your pencil.

Squishy Circuits

Create a play dough creature with eyes that light up.

Laser Challenge

Transmit music over a laser beam by manipulating mirrors.

Hidden Alarm

Build an electrical circuit to power an alarm that is small enough to hide-- and that goes off when you flip the switch.

Dance Pad Mania

Make a dance pad that lights up or beeps when you dance and stomp on it.

Oranges and Batteries

Can you get fruits and other objects to produce an electrical current that powers a lightbulb?

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