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In Classroom: Harmless Holder

Students learn product and process design as they create a beverage can holder that won’t harm wildlife or pollute but that is sturdy and easy to carry.

In Classroom: Wetlands - Nature’s Water Filter

This simulation illustrates the power of plants to absorb dissolved chemicals from water.

In Classroom: Build a Big Wheel

In teams, students design a ferris wheel made out of pasta, build it, and test it to make sure the wheel turns.

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Build a Watershed

Build a 3-D model of a watershed and experiment to see how human and natural activities can affect it.

Solar-Heated Water

How hot can you get water with a solar heater you design yourself?

Shaky Ground

See what happens in an earthquake when a building is constructed on ground that can liquefy.

Shake It Up with Seismographs

Invent a way to detect an earthquake!

Paper Recycling

Transform used paper into fresh paper you can write on.

Operation Polar Eye

Code a drone to map polar bear habitats.

Wind Farm

What makes a wind farm successful?

Design a Wind Turbine

Design windmill blades to generate as much electricity as possible.

Curious George Sailboat

Make a toy boat out of recycled materials.

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