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In Classroom: Harmless Holder

Students learn product and process design as they create a beverage can holder that won’t harm wildlife or pollute but that is sturdy and easy to carry.

In Classroom: Wetlands - Nature’s Water Filter

This simulation illustrates the power of plants to absorb dissolved chemicals from water.

In Classroom: Build a Big Wheel

In teams, students design a ferris wheel made out of pasta, build it, and test it to make sure the wheel turns.

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Strength of Domes

Will an eggshell break under a stack of heavy books?

Slender Tower Challenge

Build the tallest tower you can with the smallest footprint possible.

Pipe Maze

Design a leak-proof system of pipes to bring water to the right place.

Make a Teepee

Construct a teepee large enough to sit in.

Designing Highway Interchanges

How can you get cars on and off one highway and onto another without crossing any lanes of traffic?

Design a Dome

Design a 12-inch domed structure strong enough to support 60 pennies.

Design a Catapult

See if you can build a catapult that launches a projectile and hits a target.

Build a Cable-Stayed Bridge

Make a model of a cable-stayed bridge that is put together like a real one, with bridge segments suspended from towers.

Build an Earthquake-Resistant Structure

How will a structure made of marshmallows and toothpicks withstand an earthquake?

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