Achieving Diversity in Engineering

The research is in!

Students, especially girls and people of color, who exhibit these five factors are more likely to choose and persist in a STEM education and career:

         →  I like STEM (Interest & Attitude)

        →  I am good at solving engineering challenges (Self-efficacy)

        → I believe engineers make the world a better place (See Value)

        →  I can see myself as an engineer someday (STEM Identity)

        → I have all these people who think I belong and want to help me (Support Network)

And students who do engineering activities in a school or out-of-school setting BEFORE 7th grade are more interested in STEM than those who didn’t participate.


Here’s how YOU can make a difference:


Achieving Diversity in Engineering

  • Do Engineering Activities with Students

    We believe engineering challenges are well-suited for distance learning. Why? Because they are design process challenges that need few materials and lend themselves to student-directed learning, keeps kids away from their screens, and requires limited inputs from educators or parents.

    Explore our library of At Home Engineering Challenges and our full STEAM Activity library.

  • Talk to Kids About Engineering

    Most kids don’t know any engineers or what they do. By sharing the creative, problem-solving aspects of engineering, you can help students see the value of engineering.

    Want to get better at talking about engineering? We can help.

  • Be a (virtual) Role Model

    Talking to a student about engineering, doing activities, sharing your stories – these simple things all help a child develop a STEM identity. Even with social distancing there are plenty of ways for you to make a difference. Learn more about being a Role Model.


    Not an engineer or technical professional?
    Your student or child can meet real engineers and technical professionals and ask them questions and hear their stories by tuning into our exciting new Chats with Change Makers series.

  • Read the Research

    At the top of this page, we referenced all of the research that’s been done. Learn more about the common factors that motivate students of color and young women to choose engineering and persist in the field. Learn more.