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Introduce them to engineering and tech.

  1. Engineering is Open to Everyone!
  2. Earn a Big Salary!
  3. Make a Difference!

Engineering is Open to Everyone!

As a specialist or technician with a two-year degree or a technologist or professional engineer with a four-year degree―you’ll be part of a team that designs and creates things that matter.

Earn a Big Salary!

Engineers, technicians, and technologists earn a lot of respect and a lot of money! Engineering may be your path to financial freedom.

Make a Difference

Engineering plays a critical role in cleaning up ocean garbage, developing sustainable and clean energy, and redesigning highways and roadways to reduce accidents. How do you want to help? 

Messages Matter

When we change how we talk about engineering, we can change what students think about engineering.


Sparking engineering experiences with educators, STEM volunteers, and K-12 students


Celebrating the engineers, technicians, and technologists around the world who work to make the world a better place.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Together we can achieve great things. That’s why DiscoverE is committed to coalition building and providing free programs and resources for volunteers and educators.

Meet DiscoverE’s Change Makers

Join student host Kavya for a chat with Leah Baker, a chemical engineer at Cargill who uses her knowledge of chemistry to help customers find the best products for them.

DiscoverE’s Advisory and Diversity Council represents over 2 million engineers and engineering students and are committed to inspiring the next generation of innovators.

DiscoverE is the definitive voice on engineering and STEM, the go-to resource for the messaging that anyone can use, and the place where the engineering community collaborates to help inform and educate the public on the value and essential nature of engineering.

Jane Howell, Chief Communications Officer, American Society of Civil Engineers

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