Agricultural & Biosystems

Career Description

Are you looking to improve our quality of life, protect the environment, and help meet the needs of a growing world population? As an agricultural and biological engineer, you might be asked to use your knowledge of biology and engineering to develop plant-based products like medicines, biodegradable packaging, and biomass energy; or design methods of keeping harmful microorganisms out of our food supply; or redevelop streams in areas impacted by mining, urban, and agricultural activities. In this rewarding career, you’ll be constantly innovating to meet the needs of humankind in sustainable ways.




Develop strategies for treatment of hazardous wastes
Design innovative systems for growing fruits, vegetables, livestock, and fish
Identify biomarkers of cognitive aging in rats
Create comfortable environments for animals
Design farm equipment that can be operated by people with disabilities
Help villages in developing countries preserve more of their harvested grain against insects and mold
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