Chemical Engineering

Career Description

Imagine taking what you’ve learned in chemistry class and using it to create products that improve the lives of others in both large and small ways. That’s what a chemical engineer does: uses chemical processes to find innovative and creative ways of producing goods. The work of a chemical engineer can range from the luxurious (developing softer clothes and better cosmetics) to the lifesaving (producing fire-resistant materials and safer foods). As a chemical engineer, you might be involved in cutting-edge research at a pharmaceutical company, discovering how to extend the shelf life of antibiotics, or you might be part of a creative team at a food manufacturing company, dreaming up a delicious new candy bar.




Design environmentally-friendly cleaning products
Develop chemotherapy that has fewer side effects
Turn seawater into drinking water
Develop ways of mass producing vaccines to ward off epidemics
Reduce pollution by developing cleaner sources of energy
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