Industrial Engineering

Career Description

Do you think of yourself as super organized? Do you think you’re good at understanding the big picture and figuring out how things could work better? If so, you might make a great industrial engineer. Your job would involve organizing people, places, equipment, and information, ensuring that complex and large-scale systems operate safely and efficiently. You might keep a hospital operating room running like clockwork. You might be involved in adding a little extra fun and convenience to people’s lives by figuring out ways of making amusement park lines shorter, for instance, or by seeing to it that a big clothing chain always has every size of jeans in stock.




Prevent stress and injury in workers by designing effective workspaces
Organize, for a computer company, a customer service center that actually helps customers
Redesign the lines at an amusement park to lessen the waiting times and keep visitors entertained as they wait
Make sure that an international hotel chain offers the same services and conveniences no matter where it’s located
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