Community Screenings

Dream Big screening is a great way to showcase and celebrate engineering for youth and engineers alike. Whatever your goals—reaching underserved youth, sharing engineering with the educators in your community, or galvanizing your colleagues— a Dream Big screening adds sizzle to your outreach.

Blueprint for Success

1. Decide on your audience and event goals:

Educators—show area educators the amazing world of engineering

Students—share engineering with underserved students

Employees & Volunteers—celebrate their achievements

Engineering undergraduates—show them the world that awaits

2. Plan the type of event using the film as a centerpiece. Is this a field trip, an informal reception for family and friends, a "red carpet" screening, an over-21 event for young professionals, or something in-between? Is it popcorn and a movie? Screening with a suite of speakers? Or a prelude to hands-on activities for teachers or kids?

3. Use Dream Big’s resources —logos, photos, and artwork—to enhance your event and promotional efforts.

4. Determine the best time of day—a weekday afternoon, evening or weekend morning? Consider audience availability and ticket or rental fees before finalizing.

5. Consider other museum offerings. Does the event require more than the theater and/or its lobby? What about an exhibit hall at the museum? An outdoor green space or a classroom?

6. Create a fun "film premiere" vibe with a red carpet, swag bags, a selfie station, and other fun ideas.

7. Find out if the museum has other engineering related programming you can tie to your event. Do they do teacher trainings? Is there an engineering exhibit?

8. Negotiate ticket sales or theater rental, catering, etc. Obtain sponsorships, if needed.

A Few More Details

  • Find out if a theater near you is showing the film.

  • Museums: Promote your facility and amenities to engineering-related companies and organizations.

  • If your local giant screen (IMAX®) theater is not showing Dream Big, contact DiscoverE to learn how you can host a screening in your community.

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Calling All Educators

We need educators to test the Dream Big lesson plans in their classrooms and complete a brief survey. The first 100 qualified educators who complete the study earn a $50 Amazon gift card.

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