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Who is a Girl Day Role Model?

Anyone can be a Role Model: women, men, engineers, technicians, educators, and parents. Our Role Models are diverse. But they all have one thing in common—the understanding that role models can help girls (and boys) from all communities and backgrounds.

Join us as Girl Day Role Model and help girls realize their potential.

What does a Girl Day Role Model do?

You make a difference. You learn. You teach. You inspire. 

As a Girl Day Role Model your level of involvement is entirely up to you. You can engage girls in a variety of ways:

  • Talking one-on-one with a girl about engineering. Sometimes one interaction can change the course of a girl’s future and turn her onto the amazing world of engineering.
  • Visiting a classroom or afterschool program and doing activities with students. Engineering activities are a great way to share how engineers approach a problem. They give students an open-ended challenge that allows for an iterative development process and lets you to make connections to your work. 
  • Hosting a Girl Night Out events. Anchored by the Dream Big movie featuring three female engineers and hands-on activities, Girls Night Out events are a fun way to reach girls.
  • Inviting girls to visit workplaces and plants to show them engineering in action. Give middle and high school age girls a real-behind-the-scene feel for what’s involved in engineering.
  • And more

You supply the people power and we provide the resources and tools to help you in your efforts. No matter the size of the program or event, every interaction counts!

Get Involved

Start you planning today and look for ways to engage all year!

Ready to plan an event or classroom visit? Check out our Girl Day Planning Guides for ideas on where and how to begin.

Not quite ready to jump in and plan your own program?  There are plenty of event organizers looking for volunteers. Check out our events calendar to see if there is anything planned in your area. You can also do a quick Internet search for “Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day” or “Girl Day” events in your area.

Get connected

Join our Girl Day Role Models Facebook group to connect with other Role Models like you. You’ll be able to share resources, get ideas, and see what other Role Models are doing.

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