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April 4, 2018

Thank you for pledging to
Celebrate Engineers!

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Celebrate Engineers

Take a moment to honor inspiring engineers.                                                              Take the pledge in the green box on right. 

Global Day is a great opportunity to spotlight the engineers in your life: colleagues, family, friends, and those in your community. Engineers solve problems that affect our local and global communities. Honor them and remember to take photos to share on social media. (#GlobalEngineer)

Some ideas

1. Say thank you.

Send a thank-you card, text or email, or post a note of appreciation on social media. Thanking an engineer is a simple, quick, and meaningful way to express gratitude for the work that they do.

2. Honor an engineer in your organization’s newsletter.

Most companies, associations, and member organizations send newsletters. Contact the newsletter editor to find out if there is an opportunity to include a short item honoring an engineer you admire. Newsletters have deadlines, so coordinate ahead of time to meet that schedule.

3. Gather engineering colleagues for a special celebration.

Recognize the engineers in your life who do good work by planning an event, small or large, to honor their achievements. You can host a morning coffee or tea, afternoon break, lunch, or dinner. Or ask your employer to consider hosting an organization-wide celebration.

4. Plan a Global Marathon watch event.

The Global Marathon is a free, virtual, weekly series of fascinating presentations and conversations to connect, support, and encourage women in engineering and technology. Invite friends and colleagues to join you for some—or all—of the Global Marathon sessions and post-event discussion(s). The Global Marathon starts March 7, 2018.  

4. Share pride in your country or community.

Will you be participating in your country’s Engineers Week (day or month) celebration? Take photos and post them on Global Day. It is a wonderful way to spotlight engineers from YOUR organization and YOUR country.

5. Nominate someone for an award.

Does your engineering society, employer, or another group host an awards program? Nominate an engineer who is doing great work. And, consider nominating an engineer for an award that is not specific to engineering—like an employee, civic, or other community award.

6. Contact a local reporter to share an inspiring story.

Local reporters like human interest stories that showcase people innovating and creating in their communities. Do you know of an engineer whose work might interest a reporter in your area? If so, you can contact our PR firm, Sayles & Winnikoff, at Include a brief description about your idea, along with the name of the engineer. Someone from Sayles & Winnikoff will contact you about next steps.

Need resources to help with your Global Day planning? Click here.
Please share photos of your inspiring engineers on social media #GlobalEngineer. If you plan an event, remember to post it on our Events Calendar where it will be seen by many others who visit our web page.
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