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April 4, 2018

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Celebrate Engineers!

Are you planning a public celebration? Publicize it on the Event Calendar.

Celebrate Engineers

Take a moment to honor how engineers make the world a better place. 

Event Ideas 

There are many ways to celebrate engineering. It all starts with you and what makes sense in your community or workplace. Here are some ideas to get you started.

1. Gather colleagues together for coffee or tea

Take 10 minutes to discuss all of the ways engineering has improved our quality of life. Reflecting on our profession’s accomplishments is a great way to remind yourself why you do this work.

2. Organize a lunch or dinner

Celebrate the achievements of your colleagues in engineering at a Global Day of the Engineer lunch or dinner. Take pictures and post them on Facebook,  Instagram and/or Twitter using the hashtag #GlobalEngineer. Be sure to tag DiscoverE, too!

3. Secure a public proclamation

Provide information about the engineering profession to your local public official, and ask that official (mayor, governor, other) for a resolution recognizing the contributions made by engineers. 

4. Share engineering with others

Do you know an engineer working on an interesting or exciting project? Ask him or her to present at a science café. These low-key events take place in coffee shops and pubs around the world. Find a science café near you or learn how to organize one at

5. Create a public display

An exhibit at a library, museum or other public place is an engaging way to celebrate. Pick one or two local engineering accomplishments and showcase them through colorful pictures and short descriptions.

6. Recognize an individual

Does your engineering society or company host an awards program? Nominate a colleague who is doing good work.


However you decide to celebrate, post it on the event calendar.

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