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Overall Survey Findings:

Results Graphic (rectangle)

Results Graphic (square)

  • In honor of #WorldEngDay2020, @DiscoverEorg is releasing the results of the second annual #GlobalEngineerSurvey! Learn what engineers around the world had to say about the future of engineering.
  • See what engineers, technicians, and technologists around the world had to say in our second annual #GlobalEngineerSurvey. Go to to see the results. #WorldEngDay2020
  • 96% of engineers said that volunteering with primary and secondary students to introduce them to engineering was important. We couldn’t agree more! Let’s engage the next generation. #GlobalEngineerSurvey #WorldEngDay2020

Global Challenges and Opportunities:

Detailed Results Graphic (rectangle)

Detailed Results Graphic (square)

  • Today is #WorldEngDay2020! Learn what engineers around the world have to say about our biggest global challenges and opportunities. Check out the results from the #GlobalEngineerSurvey:
  • More than 10K engineers weighed in on the most daunting global challenges in the next 25 years. Check out the top 4! #GlobalEnginerSurvey #WorldEngDay2020
  • What do we need to solve the top global challenges? The engineering community shares top 3 factors. Learn more: #GlobalEngineerSurvey #WorldEngDay2020


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