Effectively Talking to Kids About Engineering

This workshop walks you through the top engineering messages that resonate with kids and shows you how to incorporate them into your outreach efforts. Learn about the research behind the messaging and get practical tips for how to engage kids with real-world examples and compelling images. Whether you are a new volunteer or a seasoned veteran, a review of this workshop will help to increase your effectiveness. 

No, all of the DiscoverE workshops are free.
Yes, all of the DiscoverE workshops have been designed for you to download, customize, and use with your students, parents, and other colleagues.

The presentation is housed on slideshare.net. Once there simply click on the Save button. You can also email a link of the ppt from here or embed it on your own website.

If the link above does not work, cut and paste this url into your browser: http://www.slideshare.net/TheaSahr/effectively-talking-to-kids-about-eng...