Chats with Change Makers

Watch our high school host, Tiffany--a Future City alum, as she interviews STEM professionals who are working hard to make the world a better place.

Our next live chat is on Thursday, November 4 at 2:30pm ET when Tiffany will chat with Allie, an engineer at a Mexican nonprofit that improves access to clean water.  Register now!


Chats with Change Makers

  • Season Three: Episode #1

    Meet Vatsal, a civil engineering professional and teacher who gets to play with dirt every day!
  • Season Two: Episode #8

    Meet Malika, an engineer who leads projects that strategize which web applications are best for Northrop Grumman!
  • Season Two: Episode #7

    Meet Ben, a Bechtel engineering designer who uses data, creativity, and smart software to design miles of piping for water and fuel!
  • Season Two: Episode #6

    Meet Maria, a research chemist at 3M who develops materials that are designed to stick and not stick!
  • Season Two: Episode #5

    Meet Joan Higginbotham at Collins Aerospace, an electrical engineer, rocket scientist and astronaut whose job took her out of this world!
  • Season Two: Episode #4

    Meet Murray, an engineer at Bentley Systems who works to make sure earth dams don't collapse!
  • Season Two: Episode #3

    Meet Avery, a Civil Engineer and CEO of Bridges to Prosperity where she leads a global team to build bridges to better lives!
  • Season Two: Episode #2

    Meet Sylvana, an engineer at ExxonMobil who gets to work on top secret projects!
  • Season Two: Episode #1

    Meet Stephanie, an engineer at Northrop Grumman who works on a space time machine!
  • Season One: Episode #8

    Meet Caroline, an engineer at UL whose job has included throwing, breaking and lighting things on fire!

  • Season One: Episode #7

    Meet Brad, a land surveyor and NCEES volunteer who likes to surf in his spare time!
  • Season One: Episode #6

    Meet Gayle, an agricultural engineer who works to improve farming practices. She thinks about manure on a daily basis!
  • Season One: Episode #5

    Meet Jonathan, a structural engineer who battles gravity, earthquakes, and wind every day!
  • Season One: Episode #4

    Meet Molly, a Cyber Engineer at Raytheon who tracks down hackers across the globe!
  • Season One: Episode #3

    Meet David, an engineer at TE Connectivity who uses 3D printers to design cool models!
  • Season One: Episode #2

    Meet Emily, an engineer at Collins Aerospace who designs space suits for astronauts on the International Space Station!
  • Season One: Episode #1

    For our new Friday series "Chats with Change Makers," Tiffany talked with Jonathan. An engineer at Shell, Jonathan and Tiffany covered lots of topics from favorite thing he likes about his job to tv shows and more.