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Team planning their project gathered around white board

Do you like being at the center of things? Helping people keep organized and on track as you continually create something new while successfully accomplishing big goals and delivering results? As a project manager, you’ll work alongside team members from the initial idea to the finished product. And project managers work in virtually every field – leading hospitals through the creation of new patient producers, developing the latest software update, building 40-story high-rises, or producing the latest Netflix special.

Meet Zoraida Martinez Duarte, a computer engineer and project manager who helps underserved communities get access to opportunities in the tech industry.



Median salary2

16.5 million

Number of jobs in 2020


Job growth over next 10 years

Jobs and education

4-year degree and certificate in PMP:

  • Work with your team to define the scope and schedule to build a new state-of-the-art airport.
  • Manage the budget and ensure the necessary resources are available to create a new app that monitors a user’s health.
  • Keep all project partners and clients up to date on the latest developments as your team builds a solar farm to deliver clean energy to a nearby city.
  • Watch out for potential risks, trouble shoot problems, and ensure everything is working as your team delivers a new system-wide safety protocol to keep your network secure.

Real world projects

PTrying to work from home with a dog on your lap and draped  over computer.

Reimaging Where We Work

Back in March of 2020, many of us thought it would only be a few short weeks until we were all back to normal. Instead, the pandemic has ushered in a new ideas about how and where we work. Today’s project managers are looking at what we learned and re-thinking today’s workplace.

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Maldives floating City concept image

A Floating City

This idea may sound far-fetched, but city leaders in the Maldives are moving forward. With sea level rise expected to submerge 77% of the archipelago’s land mass by 2100 they are working hard to build a sustainable future.

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