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What’s one of the most essential skills for engineers? Communication! Just as Dream Big shows how engineers solve problems to build safer and stronger communities, all engineers have to be able to describe their solutions, even to someone who is not an engineer. Lights! Camera! Engineering! is a day-long workshop where students plan, shoot and edit a short digital video about engineering.

Blueprint for Success

1. The activity is for students in 6th grade and above and is best done at a location which offers interesting backdrops and props for filming.

2. Review the detailed instructions to determine how to plan for and structure your movie-making workshop.

3. Use iPad and iMovie technology if possible. Check and re-check the technology to make sure it works!    

4. Make your own movie in advance to become more familiar with the process.

5. Include an engineer at the workshop to answer content-related questions as students prepare their stories and shoot their films.

6. Connect the experience of making a movie with the engineering design process.

A Few More Details

  • Extend the experience beyond one day to give students more time to edit and shape their final film stories (which will produce higher quality results).

  • Consider using engineers, university students, museum staff or sponsoring organizations to judge the final films. Offer prizes such as tickets to see Dream Big.

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