Year-Round Engineering

Every day is a great day to engage students in engineering! Whether it is a regular Monday, Earth Day, the regional finals for the Future City Competition or Mother’s Day you can use Dream Big and its activities to showcase engineering.

Blueprint for Success

1. Program Build a Bobsled Racer on your museum floor to celebrate the Winter Olympics, host a mother/daughter Design a Shoe event for Mother’s Day or infuse your summer camp with engineering using Build a Roller CoasterHigh Dive and Foil Boats

2. Download the Activity Matrix for at-a-glance connections to seasonal and special events or browse through Dream Big's library of over 50 activities or more inspiration.

3. Bring together museum staff, representatives from the local engineering community and education groups to share ideas and plan activities and events.

4. Research what events and activities are already being planned in your community. Are there competitions, large community events or other special happenings in your community where you can host related engineering activities?

5. Host training workshops for teachers. Possible topics include:

  • Showing teachers how they can link engineering to their existing curriculum.
  • Creating topic-specific workshops built around the Dream Big activities.

6. Promote the year-round events collaboratively (with museums, engineers, organizations and university students).

A Few More Details

  • After reviewing Dream Big resources noted above, brainstorm more opportunities for year-round programming. Your experience in programming and with target audiences is a rich resource.

  • Contact DiscoverE to connect with resources in your community.

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Calling All Educators

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