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Jessica Isaacs: New Faces Award

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Jessica Isaacs

Jessica, 29, is a visiting assistant professor, helping students discover their niche in mechanical engineering by employing a multitude of resources that fosters creativity, promotes student progress, captivates students during lectures, and encourages problem solving. She is also dedicated to researching spine biomechanics, including biomaterials, fracture analysis, disc herniation, and replacements. As she says, “Basically, I am trying to cure lower back pain!” Jessica helped in the early stage development of a fiber reinforced biocomposite system for medical applications.


Award Year:  2015
Employer:  Widener University
Nominated By:  ASME
Type:Mechanical Engineer
Education:  She holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Widener University, and both master’s and doctoral degrees in mechanical engineering from Drexel University.