Persist Series Episodes (Upcoming And On Demand)

Conversations and Community to Helping Women in E+T Persevere and Thrive

Each second Wednesday of the month, connect with thousands of women around the world to watch an inspiring TED-style video and candidly share stories and discuss effective tactics to help women stay and advance in engineering and tech careers. Upcoming sessions include: 


  • On Demand: Black Women In STEM Imagine Tomorrow

    Air Date: September 15, 2021. Watch On Demand.

    Our featured speakers discuss how women of color in STEM are overcoming sexism and racism to hold important titles and positions, making groundbreaking discoveries, and pushing the boundaries of who is included in the next generation of STEM innovators.

    Speakers: Tiana Conley (Kellogg Company), Angelitha Daniel (NC State University), Lakithia Williams (Peloton Interactive), Moderator: Mariah Dixon (UL)

  • On Demand: Reimagining Success

    Air Date: June 9, 2021. Watch On Demand.

    Amy Winchester is a senior chemical engineer at CBCL and the firm’s first female Director on the Board. But she’s also a mom of three and has learned all the many ways we can redefine what success looks like. Amy and her colleagues, Annie and Victoria, chat about how to be versatile, vulnerable, and patiently persistent as you find your own success. 

    Speakers: Amy Winchester (CBCL), Annie Cormier (CBCL), Victoria Fernandez (CBCL)

  • On Demand: Lead Like A Woman

    Air Date: May 12, 2021. Watch On Demand.

    The leader is charismatic, assertive, takes a hard line. The “male leadership archetype” and other gender norms shut many people out of personal and career growth opportunities. In the session we chatted about creating our own leadership archetypes by embracing new ways of working that complement our personalities rather than counter them.

    Speakers: Caroline Metcalf (Bechtel Corporation), Emma Harniman (Bechtel Corporation)

  • On Demand: The Science Of Sticking Together

    Air Date: April 14, 2021. Watch On Demand.

    Only 18 3M inventors have reached the 100-patent mark, and Audrey Sherman, a division scientist in the 3M Medical Solutions Division, is 3M’s only female to reach this milestone. We chatted with Audrey to learn how she did it - and the critical role that collaboration (and a little friendly competition) plays in how she's found success and persistence. 

    Speakers: Audrey Sherman (3M), Belma Erdogan-Haug (3M)

  • On Demand: Know Your Roots And Branch Out

    Air Date: March 10, 2021. Watch On Demand. (Live Q&A Is On Demand At This Link.)

    Abi Babajide-Ferguson has done a bit of everything at Shell Deep Water, from technical, managerial, and HR roles. Her colleague, Lori Fremin, is a collaborative leader with strong relationships across the business. Abi and Lori discuss how they find out-of-the-box ways to find fulfillment and flexibility in their career progression - and how you can do the same.

    Speakers: Abi Babajide-Ferguson (Shell Deep Water), Lori Fremin (Shell Deep Water)

  • On Demand: Workplace Norms That Work

    Air Date: February 10, 2021. Watch On Demand. (Live Q&A Is On Demand At This Link).

    We hear all the time about women in STEM feeling out of place and undervalued, but what does a truly inclusive work culture look like? A thriving, women-led engineering team discusses how we can find success in our current work culture AND be an agent of change. 

    Speakers: Vanessa Raponi and her team at Spin Master

  • On Demand: Why Stay?

    Air Date: March 11, 2020. Watch On Demand.

    Many studies have looked at the obstacles women and girls face in engineering and technology and reasons they leave, ranging from pay disparities to harassment. Our speakers took a different perspective: Why do they stay?

    Speakers: Montana Wilson (MTE Consultants), Selda Gunsel (Royal Dutch Shell)

  • On Demand: Believe, Do, Succeed

    Air Date: March 18, 2020. Watch On Demand.

    Asserting a strong belief in your ideas, skills, and contributions can strengthen your resolve to persevere through challenges. In this episode, speakers shared stoires and strategies to build career confidence and respond to criticism and skepticism.

    Speakers: Canan Dagdeviren (MIT Media Lab), Megan Eddings (Accel Lifestyle)

  • On Demand: Breaking The Rules

    Air Date: March 25, 2020. Watch On Demand.

    Some rules need to be broken. In this episode, speakers shared how they're breaking old rules and building new dynamics to shape a more inclusive and welcoming profession.

    Speakers: Laura Aiken (Bechtel), Pavlina Akritas (Arup), Vanessa Raponi (Spin Master)

  • On Demand: From Obstacles To Inspiration

    Air Date: April 1, 2020. Watch On Demand.

    Facing challenges is part of any journey. Learning how to transform barriers into motivators can help us succeed AND pave the way for those who come after us.

    Speakers: Andronica Klaas (Facebook), Mahfuza Ali (3M)

  • On Demand: Better Together

    Air Date: April 8, 2020. Watch On Demand.

    Belonging is fundamental to our fulfillment and well-being. In this episode, speakers discussed how they've built support networks and found their community and sense of belonging in their career.

    Speakers: Jennifer Scanlon (UL LLC), Telle Whitney (Anita Borg)