Engineers Week

DiscoverE’s annual celebration of engineering is a great opportunity to showcase the Dream Big film. Join the volunteers, educators and organizations around the world that celebrate engineers and engage students. Mark your calendar for Engineers Week 2019, February 17th to 23rd. 

Blueprint for Success

1. Start with events and activities that are already being planned for Engineers Week. Are there Future City competitions, career days, large events, lab days or classroom visits planned? Ask: How can you use Dream Big to support and amplify these efforts?

2. Bring your Future City teams to see the Dream Big film. Offer tickets to Dream Big as a prize at outreach or company events. Or, host a teacher appreciation evening for STEM engineering teachers at the local museum with a screening and refreshments. These are just a few ideas to consider.

3. Create links between the engineering presented in the film and the activities that are being planned for Engineers Week.

4. Use Dream Big as a springboard to highlight the different types of engineering happening in your community by engaging with a variety of engineering societies or companies.

5. Museums can integrate the Dream Big film into a museum-wide series of programs and events, plan special screenings, use hands-on activities in demos, invite families to participate in design challenge exhibits and maker/tinker activities.

6. Consider adding an engineering component to existing exhibits at the museum, screen the film at an engineering camp-in, or invite young engineers like those in the film to speak to visitors.

7. Be sure to invite students and non-traditional audiences to participate.

8. Don’t stop when February is over. Get ideas for celebrating engineering and engaging students year-round

A Few More Details

  • Contact DiscoverE to connect with to your local engineering community or museum.

  • Learn more about Engineers Week.

  • Encourage your engineers and engineering student volunteers to sign up as Girl Day Role Models.

  • Get more Engineers Week ideas from this chapter of the Museum Guide. 

  • Get more Engineers Week ideas from this chapter of the Engineers Guide.

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Calling All Educators

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