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Boy With Prosthetic Steps On Pogo Stick

A boy with a cheetah foot prosthetic steps onto a pogo stick while a prosthetic engineer looks on with a clipboard. Photo by Lisa Abitbol

Female Engineer and Client Examine Bionic Leg

A young female prosthetics engineer and her female client investigate and discuss the knee area of her bionic leg. Photo by Lisa Abitbol

Male Engineer, Student, and Client Adjust Prosthetic Foot

A male prosthetics engineer shows a male student how to make adjustments on a prosthetic foot for his young client. Photo by Lisa Abitbol

2 Women And 1 Boy Adjust Prosthetic Foot

A woman engineer adjusts a prosthetic foot for a boy, while a female mentee leans in to observe and learn. Photo by Lisa Abitbol

3 Women in Discussion Sit Around Table

Three women sit around a table; one holds a tablet, one indicates with a pen. Photo by Lisa Abitbol

3 Women Sit Looking At Speaker

Three women sit on green chairs with post-its and an ipad on a table looking at the speaker. Photo by Lisa Abitbol

2 Women Discuss Post-It Notes On Window

Two women discuss post-its on a window, one of them pointing. Photo by Lisa Abitbol

Girl And Teacher Illuminate Lightbulb

Girl and teacher smile as they illuminate a lightbulb. Photo by Hannah Burr

Visually-impaired Girl With Teacher Working on Vehicle

A visually-impaired girl and teacher work on a vehicle.
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