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girls putting together a project with the DiscoverE logo and mission: Transform a Student's Future: Introduce them to engineering and tech

We believe we can change student’s futures by building their STEM identity, supporting teachers and volunteers with high quality activities and programs, and increase the overall awareness of engineering.

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Our focus


Shared experiences annually with students, educators, and volunteers to spread the understanding that engineering can transform the world.


K-12 underserved, underrepresented students reached annually with free programs and resources that expand access to STEM education.

Achieving diversity, equity, and inclusion in engineering and technology is bigger than any one person, program, or organization.

Why focus on engineering and tech?

By 2025 the demand for STEM professionals will outstrip supply and over 1 million STEM jobs will be unfilled.

To address today’s global challenges, we need a diverse talent pool across all STEM sectors.

This is a critical social and economic justice issue for women and people of color as STEM fields (with or without a four-year degree) pay more on average than any other field.