Design Squad Global Celebrates Global Day of the Engineer

Design Squad Global (DSG) is celebrating its one-year anniversary on Global Day of the Engineer! We first launched our global initiative on Global Day 2016 by partnering with youth-serving organizations including the YMCA, Science Club for Girls, and Big Brothers and Big Sisters to do a hands-on engineering activity with over 200 kids at 8 sites around the city of Boston!

A little over a year after our launch, we have nearly 300 DSG Clubs in 25 countries serving over 3,500 kids who are participating in hands-on engineering challenges that allow them to see and understand the impact of engineering in their local community and from a global context. Activities like Seismic Shake-Up!, Helping Hand, Safe Landing, and Emergency Shelter introduce kids to engineering as a field with global significance, one that has the capacity to impact the world and save lives. By engaging kids in these real-life challenges, you can help them to realize their full potential–giving them the confidence to know that they too can make a difference in the world.

One kid who participated in DSG said,

“I didn’t know much about engineering, but DSG gave me motivation. It taught me a lot...that I can design things. You need only your mind and your hands, and that can help you in order to come up with an idea or product that inspires.”

This year we will be celebrating Global Day of the Engineer with DSG Clubs from around the globe by encouraging them to take the pledge and share a photo of the activity that their club designs or builds that day. Join them and take the pledge to engage kids in a hands-on activity and open up their eyes to the power of engineering in their own lives!

Photo Credit: YMCA Pietermaritzburg, South Africa – Emergency Shelter 

April 4th, 2017