6 Ways Students Grow Through Engineering Challenges 

September 12, 2023
Title: 6 ways students grow through engineering challenges. The picture is of 4 elementary aged children with safety glasses, blowing a small windmill.

By engaging students in engineering challenges you play a key role in nurturing their STEM identity. Here are just 6 ways students grow through engineering challenges: 

  1. Developing Problem-Solving Skills: Engineering is all about finding solutions to real-world challenges. When students do engineering activities, they learn how to apply science, technology, and mathematics to address societal issues like climate change, pollution, healthcare, and urbanization. 
  2. Fostering Creativity: Engineering is a creative field that encourages out-of-the-box thinking. When students are introduced to engineering concepts, they learn to approach problems from multiple angles and come up with imaginative solutions. 
  3. Encouraging Collaboration: Engineering projects require teamwork, where individuals from diverse backgrounds work together. Engaging students in collaborative engineering activities helps them develop communication and teamwork skills. 
  4. Building Confidence: Hands-on engineering experiences empower students to believe in their abilities. As they successfully tackle engineering challenges, their confidence grows, and they become more willing to take on complex tasks. 
  5. Promoting Diversity and Inclusion: The field of engineering benefits from diverse perspectives. When you introduce students to engineers and technologists from various backgrounds, you help foster inclusivity in the engineering community. 
  6. Preparing for the Jobs of the Future: As technology continues to advance, the demand for skilled engineers, technicians, and technologists will grow. By exposing students to engineering principles early on, we equip them with the knowledge and skills needed for the jobs of the future. 

 As you are leading activities look for these 6 ways your students are growing and build on your work. You can embed engineering messages into your activities and connect students to STEM role models. DiscoverE has terrific tips for both educators looking to bring volunteers into their classroom or afterschool and for STEM volunteers looking to set up a visit. 

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