Mahfuza Ali

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Mahfuza Ali
Job Title: 
Corporate Scientist
Company or Organization: 
Mahfuza Ali joined 3M Materials Resource Division in 1984. She has been in a research and development for 33 years and is widely recognized in the global 3M technical community for technology and product development contributions across many business units.  She invented and developed several highly successful commercialized products for 3M and has co-authored more than 60 issued and pending patents that cover a large variety of product applications in multiple markets. Mahfuza has received many prestigious 3M Corporate Honors and recently won ACS Award in Industrial Chemistry, sponsored by the ACS Division of Industrial & Engineering Chemistry. 3M has over 93K employees globally where close to 9000 of them are technical employees. She is one of only 3 female Corporate Scientist in the company which is the highest possible level that any technical employees can reach. She enjoys teaching science classes for high school students, and mentors many young scientists world-wide whether they are inside and outside of 3M.