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2 Teenage Girls Disassemble A Printer

Two older teenaged girls (or young women) take apart a printer on a yellow surface. Photo by Lisa Abitbol

3 Middle School Students Hold a DiscoverE Sign

Two girls and one boy hold a DiscoverE sign. The girl on the left makes a grand gesture, the two on the right are slightly older middleschool aged. Photo by Lisa Abitbol

Girl Looks Through A Hole in Green Gak

A girl in a pink shirt looks through a hole in light green gak. Photo by Lisa Abitbol

Middle School Students Push Over a Pile of Blocks

Two middle school boys and a middle school girl push over a colorful pile of blocks, stuff flying. Photo by Lisa Abitbol

Volunteer And 2 Teenage Girls Handle Pink Gak

Two teenage girls handle pink gak while a young female volunteer looks on, standing between them.

Closeup of Hands With 3 Colors of Gak

Close-up of three sets of hands handling three colors of gak over a bowl. Photo by Lisa Abitbol

Young Man and Woman Hold DiscoverE Sign

A young man and woman hold a DiscoverE sign. Photo by Lisa Abitbol

Male Engineer and Middle School Boy Test Layered Liquids

A male engineer helps a middle school boy with layered liquids on yellow table top. Photo by Lisa Abitbol

Woman Engineer and Teenage Girls Cut Metal

Woman engineer with 2 teenage girls creates sparks as she cuts metal. Photo by Lisa Abitbol

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